Rope Access Myths Busted!

People would say anything about everything and specially when you about to start a career. There are some easy careers and there are some difficult jobs, and if you are about to become a rope access technician, then people must have told you a million things about not to do it. Even though it is very dangerous, you have to reach the heights where only a few birds can go and those are the places that you and some people along with you will be going and doing different kinds of works. You yourself must be thinking of a lot of things that people told you about. And we are sure that you must have heard of the rope used in rope access job is a normal or regular job. But the fact is totally change because from far away they may seem like regular ropes but when you will hold them yourself, you will feel the difference in weight and it will have a totally different felt as well. You can hire different rope access cleaning company in UAE

And you are not tied to a single rope, you are at least tied with three sets of ropes, that if at any point, one rope breaks, you will have two more lives to count on and to get to the ground. You must be wondering why the safety managers won’t use more than three ropes? Well, the answer is that too many ropes can jungle up as well. There have been some cases in the past and some people have died to set an example, that third is the charm and until then there have been no cases that all three ropes get cut. You can get professional deep cleaning services in Dubai.

Then people believe that if a person falls from above, all the people below them will fall as well. But the fact is totally different, it is no doubt that people work in teams and go up in teams but that doesn’t say that if one goes down or falls, he or she will be taking the rest of the queue with them. Since everyone has different rope, so it makes no point. And some people also believe that only one person goes up at one time, but the fact is that more than one person goes up, most of the time, 4 to 5 people go at same time.