Features of the best coworking spaces

Space owners need to do some “thinking out of the box” to make co working office space a success story.  Owners should adapt an innovative approach by utilizing the best out of technology at hand by getting the office space fully automated and in doing so hiring a manager to look after the workspace would not be required one bit.  Incorporating technologies in co working office spaces have outdone human interference in ways by automating access cards, co working space management software, booking systems, attendance systems, automated invoices and lastly time trackers. 

Although all of this runs on electricity that too on a 24/7 basis and space owners need to be on the lookout for ensuring there is not a single blip even in the internet connectivity. Surrounding co working spaces with sufficient greenery can make it an attractive place for co workers to visit. Apart from installing conventional greenery in the form of plants, flowers and green walls owners can set up artificial waterfalls and stones that can depict nature within the work space. One of the most overlooked features to make co working successful is  to make it known to the wider public through digital marketing in the form of social media.

Incidences such  as booking conference rooms, employees being confused about the timings of meetings and the rooms where the meeting takes place paved ways for automation of conference rooms in Dubai.  Introducing Smart scheduling in conference rooms allows employees to reserve rooms with ease and at the same time check availability of rooms. Programming the systems can come in handy by sending alerts automatically regarding the duration of the meetings which leads to time being saved.  Updating schedules by using a smart device in times of the location being changed can keep participants of the conferences in the loop.  

Using technology for presentation can save up time by having the presentation pre set rather than having individuals fussing over wires and dongles to get the presentation on the run. For a startup to give a professional outlook, importance should be placed on the quality of video calls in terms of High Definition video conferencing software that runs efficiently. By using software to enhance the quality of video calls there would not be room for blurry visuals  and sloppy connections that might shatter the confidence of the business to represent itself on a professional level.