Pool problems and how to solve them

Having a pool in your backyard could sound like a dream come true but there are pros and cons to everything and so does swimming pools. This doesn’t mean that there are problems which can’t be solved. Here are some of the main troubles that you could face having a pool and here is how to solve them:

  • Pool gone green

We are not referring to the work of landscaping Dubai here, in fact by pool gone green we mean that algae could start building up in the pool. This is not something which happens easily in fact in order to build up so much of algae you would have to ignore the maintenance of pool for a long time and let the build up occur. It’s common phenomena that stagnant water develops algae then how wouldn’t pools be safe from it? But this is nothing you can’t avoid; all you need to do is maintain your pool and shock it with high levels of pH and remove the build up with brush.

  • Clogged filter

You pool filter could be clogged and you wouldn’t even know about it because it would still be working. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common problems that one can face when it comes to pools. The solution to this problem is also very simple and it is not to wait for the filter to stop working in fact keep cleaning it regularly with water hose and avoid the problem. The reason it is important to keep clean is because when the filter is too clogged up it is working harder than it must which can result in a sever breakdown.

  • Scratchy surface

Scratchy surface is the result of the bad work of swimming pool contractors in Dubai who didn’t take their task of installing pool seriously. Scratchy surface can be very dangerous, and it can result in torn our bathing suits or even scratched or bloody toes. As horrible as it sounds it is equally hurtful which none of us want happening. Therefore, we would suggest you take the task of pool installation seriously and not rush it by any means.

There are other problems that one can face when it comes to pool installation and maintenance, but these are some of the early ones which you can manage at the right time.