Things to Do in Greece

Greece is a tourist’s area and if you are planning to go to Greece, these are the things that you must need to do while you stay there. There first place you need to visit, is the Acropolis in Athens. This is the number one place that is visited by every person who goes there, this is a complex that is made up of glittering marble. This is famous because it used to be on the site of the famous statue Athena who is said to be the goddess of Athens. If you want to visit the natural beauty, so beautiful that the eyes will sooth due to the views. This place is called the Mount Olympus, this is said to be the most beautiful mountain of the world. If you want to climb or hike this mountain, you have to travel to Litochoro. This mountain has a very godly Greek myth that Zeus used this mountain as a throne to sit.

If you want to take a swim in the sky like lake, then you should visit the Lake Plastira. The blue color of the water is a remedy for the soul and this lake is said to be unusual because it is said to be blessed with plethora of natural beauty. Although this lake is manmade but the beauty will leave you awe-inspiring, because the lake is surrounded by oak and chestnut trees. You can even go for canoeing or rafting in this lake, you can do horse riding or just take a long walk on the paved trials. Lake Plastira is located in the Larditsa region of Greece and it in the afternoon, it is full of people. 

Now coming to the world’s famous place in Greece; Santorini. This is the ultimate destination for honeymoon couples because of its tranquility and historical architecture. This place is also called the island of Thira. Speaking of historical, if you want to know about Greece’s heritage then you need to visit the Delphi. This is world’s most famous heritage site because it is said by the UNESCO World Heritage Site and that is why it is most rated attraction points of Greece. If you want to explore more, than you can also have a visit to the Marvel at the Epidaurus Theatre. You can get Greece residency by investment and read here about how to apply for it.