Tips On Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Saving electricity

The electricity we consume comes from large power industries that emit more than a billion tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere every year. In other words, our comfort is at the expense of our planet. We need to focus on reducing our footprint and find energy efficient solutions for everything we do. All of us can play our own part in saving electricity by changing a few unhealthy habits. These habits include leaving lights on in different rooms, taking long warm showers or baths and setting the thermostat on a very low temperature. Instead, we should encourage using natural light, take shorter showers, and adjust the thermostat at normal temperature.

Now even architects have taken responsibility to design energy efficient buildings so that both humans and the environment can benefit from it. Solar panels are a great way to reduce our Carbon footprint. What’s better than utilizing our sun’s energy and converting it into useful electricity? Architects plan out the height and direction of windows and doors according to the sun so that it’s more or less exposed to the sun depending on the climate of the region. Some houses have a ‘cap’ or shield on top of the roof to prevent exposure to direct sunlight.

Energy audit and its benefits

You can hire Chartered surveyors Dubai to assess your house, or give advice on energy saving and efficiency on your new project. They can inspect the building and analyse its energy flow then suggest a process or system to reduce the consumption of energy without negative impacts on the output. Energy audit uae is a good investment because it will allow you to manage electricity and pay less than usual. Moreover, your company will be more competent if the production costs are reduced and you’ll be less dependent on foreign energy sources. There are more benefits than just that. The lifespan of the equipment is increased, it improves the comfort of those in the facility, and the effect of greenhouse gas emissions is reduced. Your telephone directory, electric or gas utility or weatherization offices can conduct residential assessments or find you companies that are in this business.

Planet earth is our only home and the only habitable planet for humans currently. It has given us abundance, beauty, energy, resources and everything we need to survive. It is our responsibility to love and care for Mother Nature as it has done for us and invest in its health and betterment.