Who made the first cake?

When the word cake comes in mind, a person always thinks about the sweet memories he/she had. Cake actually represents your best events or occasions. Try this link to order the fastest cake delivery in Sharjah. Everyone has their own choice in cakes some people like cheesecake but some like chocolate cakes. The main thing is somehow an individual is fond with the cake. It is people’s own likes and dislikes. Cake defines the most important moments of person’s life like birthdays, weddings, prom nights, farewells and many more.

Cake is the most important part in desserts not only in America but all around the world. Different cultures present different desserts in the forms of cakes. If you think about this fact that who invented the cake? You will have to look to the past and history to find out who discovered this delicious thing. Baking is a skilled art. Nobody can just become a baker. You have to study it and gain a lot knowledge about this art. Sometimes baking just made things so out of expectations that you just can’t explain the taste and deliciousness of it.

Long time ago in the history, the most and repetitive tradition of dessert came in to the form of beard like different ingredients were added into bread to enhance the taste of the bread. But with the passage of time the evolution of baking has took an amazing turn. Baking is totally changed nowadays as compared to the past techniques. This journey of centuries has made the sweet bread converted in to a delicious cake.

As we studied history, we found out that Egyptians were known as the great bakes in that time. They invented the honey sweet bread with different flavors and with different ingredients. But after passing that time the Italians played their part in this evolution. At that time there were as such no difference between cake and bread but after mixing some ingredients there were clear difference. The early cakes were flat in the shape but now they are fluffy and rounder. Some bi experiments took place in the making of that special cake. Some added bicarbonate of soda and some add the eggs to the batter and so on and on. The first cake was made by someone really talented but we can’t just tell the name of him or her. But those people started an era of deliciousness that is our main focus in dessert now.