World’s Weirdest Cars

How strange is strange or you can also ask how weird is weird? Well, we think that if a thing is so weird or strange then it must be on the world wide web at all costs. There are some car designers who are world renowned and they design some of the best kinds of cars in the world and they are hired by companies. There are some car designers who you can say earn millions of dollars each month and they have sworn on their lives if they spelt a word of the company or any of their designs. You can well imagine the competition and that is why on every world car annual show, you see some of the most amazing designed cars. But there are some designers who seem that they designed a car for fun but they took the internet by the storm, see the list below and tell us which one is the most strangest car;

  1. The first is the Suzuki X90 model of 1996. It is a two seater car but the bonnet and the truck of the car is bigger and the tyres as well. This car not very famous because of the big tyres, the car consumed a lot of fuel and it looked very funny looking car.
  2. The next is the Pontiac Aztek model of 2001. For some, it was a stylish car and it also took us a couple of seconds to realize that what was wrong in it. When we took a deep gander, the car seems like that someone has joined the upper part of the car of another one and the lower part of the car of a bigger car. It gave a very off vibe.
  3. The next is the Chrysler Turbine with the model of 1963. For old car fans, this car is cool but if you look at the car, you will that it literally looks like a fish because the head lights are so big and the tail of the car is very thin.
  4. The next will make the atheist laugh because there is a car called Mercedes Benz Popemobile and as obvious from the name. It is a jeep car with a glass box with a chair on it. The kind of car that is used to take the Pope around the city with safety.
  5. Lets’ end the post with a fun fact. Did you know that the GMC maintenance is easy to get and Ford service is expensive to get?